“Best of all, God is with us.” — John Wesley
Please join us in worship!

Our Mission & Vision

Our vision and mission is to help connect people to faith

We seek to be a place where people grow closer to God and grow in their ability to live well and with meaning in this world.  All are welcome here!

Worship Times

Please join us in worship!

9am on demand, online and in-person Service, for now we are gathering in our downstairs fellowship hall. Please enter through the doors off 3rd Avenue. No registration is required, however space is limited.  Communion is offered the first Sunday of the month. 

Online worship is available when you are, wherever you are. This full service includes beautiful music, inspiring message and time of prayer. Click here for our online church. 

Welcome Message

Welcome. It’s really as simple as that. You are welcome at Baker Memorial United Methodist Church.

You won’t find a carefully crafted statement with a subtle list of who is welcome here. We believe that Christ’s love reaches far and wide enough to embrace everyone who seeks to follow. There are no caveats or exceptions here, only this one thing you might want to know. We believe that a healthy spiritual life includes growing in understanding and love of God over the course of a lifetime. That means we are not perfect as we come together to seek a deeper understanding and love for God, others, and ourselves.

We invite you to check us out.  Share your pronouns, introduce your loved ones, talk about what you know, and share what you wonder. Please submit a contact us form and we’ll reach out to you. 

Check out our online worship page where you will see opportunities to connect.

We’d love to walk together with you on this journey of a lifetime.

“Let us hold fast to the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who has promised is faithful. “

–  Hebrews 10:23 (NRSV)

Our Beliefs & Values

We seek to be a traditional church for a modern world, much as the first disciples formed the church for the ancient world. As such, we believe that the Christian faith is something to be excited about and engaged in practicing. We believe that the faith community plays an important role in helping us grow in faith and provides opportunities to serve together as the Body of Christ in the world. We believe that we are called to love and serve others here, near, and around the world. 

You are invited to be a part of this Christian community. We welcome all people as occasional visitors, friends who visit regularly and as members. 


We affirm that God is One and indivisible, yet we also experience God as being revealed in three distinct ways traditionally called the Trinity. The traditional words are Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We also use the words Creator, Spirit and Savior. God is over and beyond all, and yet also here with us. God is all-powerful and all-knowing, and yet allows humans to make their own choices. God is infinite, forgiving, just, loving, merciful, and more. Sometimes we use metaphors from the Bible: God is Father, Shepherd, Judge, and Light. In truth, we realize that God is beyond our ability to fully know or fully describe.


We believe that Jesus is God’s Son who is sent to bring all people into relationship with God. In Jesus we see that God’s love is sacrificial, forgiving, inclusive, and un-ending. Through Jesus, our sins are forgiven and we receive salvation.

The Bible

We believe that the Bible is the revealed Word of God and as such we seek to put it to work in our lives. We read it, study it, discuss it, and prayerfully ponder it as a means of understanding God’s desires for us today. The Bible is our primary source for faith understanding. We also utilize the tools of reason, experience, and tradition to help us live faithful lives. 


We emphasize the grace of God. We believe that God desires to be in relationship with all people. When we respond to God’s invitation, or to the spiritual nudges that bring us to explore faith, we grow in understanding and love of God. We also  grow in understanding and love of ourselves, others and the whole created world. Through God’s grace we are able to live life abundantly today, grow in faith and love throughout our lives, and be assured that we will receive eternal life after death. The invitation to relationship with God is never withdrawn, no matter how long we wait to respond and no matter what we have done in our lives. 


We believe that our faith affects the way we live. We are called to love all people, we are to live in ways that uphold the common good, and we are to work together for justice and mercy. We are to be good stewards of the earth, its resources, and all living things. We are not expected to be perfect, rather we are called to grow in our faithfulness throughout our lives. 


Through baptism we are initiated into the family of Christ. This once in a lifetime gift marks the official beginning of our journey of discipleship and is open to people of all ages. When we are baptized God give us the gift of the Spirit to dwell within us. As a Christian church, we recognize the baptisms of all Christian traditions and do not practice re-baptism. 


We understand the communion table to be Christ’s table open to anyone who seeks to receive his grace. Our cups are filled with grape juice so on one is excluded. If parents prefer, children can come forward for a blessing from our pastor. Gluten-free communion wafers and juice are available for those with special dietary needs. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go?

    • There’s parking along the building and in nearby lots on the west side of the church.
    • Our Sanctuary is accessed via Fourth Avenue and Cedar Avenue. Feel free to sit where you like.
    • An elevator is available on the Cedar Avenue level for those who enter at that door and need accessibility. The Fourth Avenue entrance includes a ramp.
    • Washrooms are located on both the Cedar Avenue level and the lower level.
    • Sunday School classes are held on the lower level.

What should I wear?

Don’t worry about a dress code or what to wear. We focus more on the message of God and we want you to be comfortable as you worship God, converse with Him and hear His message. Our parishioners typically are attired in a wide variety of attire, from that on the more casual side of the aisle to the traditional “Sunday Best.” Clothing selection is individual!

Will I be called on or singled out for attention?

We hope those sitting nearby are warm and welcoming, but you will not be singled out from the pulpit, nor made to say anything or stand up to be recognized.

Will there be Communion?

During this time of social distancing, we are serving communion outside on the first Sunday of the month using pre-packaged wafers and juice. Once this season is behind us, we will be going back to our normal schedule. Normally, communion is offered weekly at the 10:30 Service, and on the first Sunday of every month at our 9 o’clock Service. During the summer, when we have only the 9 am service, Holy Communion is part of Worship on the first Sunday of the month and is served following Worship on all other Sundays.

What about my children?

Currently, our Sunday school is online at 9 am.  When we return to our normal schedule, we will have nursery for children during both services. Sunday school meets during the 9 am service and we have a children message during the 10:30 am service. children are always welcome to attend service with an adult. See the Children’s Ministry page for more information.